This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The illustration video remix subcategory describes clips, which use appropriated footage as a visual accompaniment to a primarily audio (or text) message.

Music videos are the most obvious example here where the music track takes centre stage, supported by imagery that illustrates or that fulfils a metaphorical function in terms of interpreting and translating ideas, which are present in the music.

Creator: Anonymous [Nectar Infotainment]. (2016). Hitler Reacts to the Brexit.

Creator: Dáithí MacCionnatha (2016). Danny Healy Rae Climate Change Remix.

Creator: Adam Curtis (2016). HyperNormalisation.

Adam Curtis's documentary HyperNormalisation (2016) presents a compelling narrative that seeks to explain our contemporary global circumstances, which has seen the erosion of public confidence in the state and people and positions of authority (and the factors which have conspired to create this situation). In presenting his case Curtis relies heavily on the importance of information being communicated through his spoken commentary. This is supported by found and archive footage that is used both to illustrate his points and to communicate something of the mood and feeling of described events. While Curtis generally uses this format, HyperNormalisation more than his other films uncouples pictures from commentary, causing them to perform very much an ancillary rather than integral function. Most likely this is because Curtis wrote the commentary with only limited consideration for how it would be communicated on-screen (and/or because many of the concepts that he discusses are simply too abstract and difficult to communicate visually). This approach contrasts with other films/filmmakers such as the landmark film Sans Soleil (1983) by Chris Marker, where both pictures and commentary are integrally linked. (Perkins. S, 2017)

Creator: Anonymous [Private Gentlemen's Yacht Club]. (2016). Cameron vs Corbyn - PMQs Rap Battle Explicit.

Creator: Anonymous [Moulfrit Productions]. (2015). Donald Trump Imitates Hitler.

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