This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The illustration video remix subcategory describes clips, which use appropriated footage as a visual accompaniment to a primarily audio (or text) message.

Music videos are the most obvious example here where the music track takes centre stage, supported by imagery that illustrates or that fulfils a metaphorical function in terms of interpreting and translating ideas, which are present in the music.

Creator: Anonymous [Symphonic]. (2015). Fionnghuala Official Remix | Super Céilí vs Symphonic.

Creator: Charlie Koncher (2014). Shake It Off by Taylor Swift: 1989 Aerobic Workout Edition.

Creator: Jake Painter [Captain SKA]. (2014). War Crime.

Creator: Roderick Coover (2014). Toxi-city/Estuary.

Creator: Anonymous [FadenBuch14]. (2013). THE BABY SHAKE - THE HARLEM SHAKE (BABY EDITION ORIGINAL) TEIL 2.

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