This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The illustration video remix subcategory describes clips, which use appropriated footage as a visual accompaniment to a primarily audio (or text) message.

Music videos are the most obvious example here where the music track takes centre stage, supported by imagery that illustrates or that fulfils a metaphorical function in terms of interpreting and translating ideas, which are present in the music.

Creator: Anonymous [James Gladman & Negativland]. (2005). No Business.

Creator: Michael Moore (2000). Testify by Rage Against The Machine.

Creator: Negativland & Peter Neville (1991). Guns.

Creator: Simon Perkins (1988). When Your Baby Puts in The Bacon it Overflows The Pot.

This was my first video cut-up that I created towards the end of 1988. It's clearly very crude and unsophisticated however useful as an example of the sort of work being created at the time. The clip combines footage from "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928) with shots from a WWII documentary and the music of King Oliver's Jazz Band (1923) Note that a higher-quality version is available here: (Perkins. S, 2018)

Creator: Anonymous Blue Monday (scratch-video).

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