This Unruly: a repository of video cut-ups

The cut-up video remix subcategory describes clips, which have generally been produced as a critique of particular political or social circumstances and whose form tends to be more experimental in nature.

Works within this category often use stock/archival footage, especially clips which are very earnest (and according to modern sensibilities, appears naive and unconvincing solemn).

Creator: Oliver Axer and Susanne Benze (2003). Hitlers Hitparade.

Creator: Pascal Toussaint [Le Studio Des Gâtines]. (2003). VIDEO MASH UP CUT UP 07.

Creator: Jonathan McIntosh [The Pop Culture Detective Agency]. (2003). War on Terror Sports.

Creator: Anonymous [Paul Harvey Oswald]. (2000). Bless Your Car with Love.

Creator: Martin Arnold (1998). Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy.

In Martin Arnold's "Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy" (1998) the naïvity of a mother and son's relationship played by Fay Holden and Mickey Rooney in the 1940 film "Strike Up The Band" is transformed through backwards-and-forwards frame shuttling so that their interactions become overtly sexualised and Oedipal.
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